IBM Breaks World Record for Solar Efficiency

IBM’s new thin-film solar cell has broken a world record for having an efficiency of 9.6 percent.
The solar cell- made up of zinc, copper, tin and sulphur/selenium- has an efficiency rating that is 40 percent higher than older solar cells made up of the same materials. Thin film solar cells usually have a 9 to 11 percent efficiency rate, and usually come from very expensive elements like cadmium, gallium and indium.
Solar cells that do not have the expensive elements mentioned usually have an efficiency that doesn’t surpass 6.7 percent.
Other than being more efficient, the new IBM solar cell is also cheaper in terms of printing costs, slit casting, and dip and spray coating because it …

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A Short History of Toxic Waste

Toxic waste, sometimes called “hazardous waste,” is material that can cause injury and/or death to living creatures.
Toxic waste is often material that has been discarded yet still poses long term risks to the environment and health. Because most hazardous waste material can migrate relatively easily it can contaminate rivers, lakes, and oceans.
The Industrial Revolution was the time when toxic waste started to become a significant issue. Mostly the product of commerce, hazardous waste can also be a byproduct of residential use. Lawn care products, cleaning products, and cosmetics have all done their part to harm the environment over the years.
Toxic material can also be part and parcel of some types of farming. Pesticides and fertilizers …

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5 Simple Ways to Go Green

As a citizen of the globe, we have responsibility to start making changes in our life to protect the environment. This will not only save the green, but also save us some money as well. Below 5 ways show you how.
1. Reusable Water Bottles
Bring your own reusable water bottle. Is a known fact that bottle water in plastic which you bought outside will leech chemicals into water if the plastic get to hot. So it’s better to use your own water bottle. Not only more green, but will also save you money.
2. Environ Bags
Instead of using plastic bags for your shopping, you can save the world by carrying your own reusable bag. Just browse around …

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Free Solar Installations

Free Solar Installations? Some people are jumping at the thought of a free solar installation. It may appear on the surface to be a great deal but with a little more due diligence there probably is a better option for putting solar panels on your building.
Free Solar Installations are usually done by a group of investors that are looking for a “host” for their investment. There are a few situations where this is a good option but it is almost never pitched as “free”.
Because the largest of the solar incentives is the federal tax credit, non-profits, municipalities, governments, and other non-taxable entities have a much higher investment cost and a longer pay back for their …

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Renewable Energy Grants Galore – keep your Bank Balance healthy

Ireland which depend on imported fossil fuels for 91% at least (going by 2006 statistics) for it’s heating energy needs has initiated several grants schemes through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI for short). There are so many valuable and useful grants on offer which many of the home and buildings owners miss some of the important ones, though not intentionally.
Why grants one may ask.
These grants are there for several reasons providing a backdrop for popularizing and introducing the Irish population for sustainable energy usage in their buildings. The SEAI by this programme attempts to demonstrate superior energy technologies or provide essential support in specific fields.
The grants are in the form of financing specific …

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