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Siemens Creates Electric Car Fleet for Employees

In a pilot project, Siemens is building up a fleet of 100 electric vehicles in order to demonstrate that the vision of electric driving has already become a reality at the company.
The vehicles will be used and tested by employees. Called 4-S (4-Sustainelectromobility), the pilot project is focusing on the interplay between the electric cars and their infrastructure. Besides testing of the components, the project’s objective is to research and develop new business models.
Siemens expects there will be more than one million electric cars on the road worldwide in the foreseeable future, when they will form part of a smart grid
The pilot project is divided into three stages and will initially be limited to the …

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Siemens makes its factories greener

Siemens aspires to be the first industrial enterprise with an environmentally friendly supply chain
Siemens is investing around up to €100 million until the end of 2012 to make its factories greener. The company is currently analyzing the environmental performance and energy efficiency of its some 300 most important sites worldwide. The goal is to reduce energy and CO2 emissions by 20 percent by the end of 2011. Siemens is also offering the green test to its suppliers. In the next two years they are to check their companies’ energy and environmental efficiency. “We want to be the first industrial enterprise in the world with an entirely environmentally friendly supply chain,” said Barbara Kux, member of …

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