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Free Solar Installations

Free Solar Installations? Some people are jumping at the thought of a free solar installation. It may appear on the surface to be a great deal but with a little more due diligence there probably is a better option for putting solar panels on your building.
Free Solar Installations are usually done by a group of investors that are looking for a “host” for their investment. There are a few situations where this is a good option but it is almost never pitched as “free”.
Because the largest of the solar incentives is the federal tax credit, non-profits, municipalities, governments, and other non-taxable entities have a much higher investment cost and a longer pay back for their …

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Does Green Roofing Help the Environment?

In some places like the Faroe Islands, or in Canada, Norway, Switzerland, and other states within the US, like Illinois and New York, an old-fashioned style of roofing is slowly gaining popularity again. This is due to its perceived environmental benefits especially by blunting the effects of global warming caused by the accumulation of greenhouse gases and excess heat into the atmosphere.
Green roofing derives its name from an old style of roofing which uses vegetation to insulate the roofs. While some would disagree to its effectiveness, studies show that green roofing significantly reduces temperatures in highly industrialized areas. In countries like Germany and USA, green roofing can also provide insulation from heat, thereby reducing the …

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SunTap Technologies launches “Solar Inspections”

London, ON – SunTap Technologies Inc. announced today the launching of its “Home Buyer Solar Satisfaction” inspection program in London and the surrounding area.
The inspection program is offered to Realtors, Home Inspectors, Insurance Companies, and potential home buyers. It offers the similar benefits to home buyers as a standard home inspection; however, the specialized inspection of the solar equipment includes an evaluation of its efficiency, the detection of possible defects, and/or service requirements. Also included in the inspection is an evaluation as to what the present worth, or “value”, of the solar system is.
Since the launching of the ecoENERGY retrofit program, and the Green Energy Act (GEA), there are now more homes than ever in …

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Kill Your Electric Bill With Wind Power

Outside of solar power, the next most prevalent alternative energy source is wind power. This technology is being embraced around the world is continuing to gain a lot of attention from the science world because of it being right in step with the “clean energy” movement. From large wind farms to wind power homes, from stand alone units to ones used merely as backups to solar energy systems, this technology is sweeping nations around the world.
Let’s start with a quick lesson on wind power itself. Wind energy is really a form of solar energy. Confused? Don’t be. As the sun’s rays hit the earth’s surface it is absorbed at different rates. For example, land temperature …

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Ideas For Building an Eco-Friendly Home

The concept of green living, while gaining momentum in a modern era, is not new. The ideology peaked in the 1960-70′s where individuals now known as hippies devised communes that believed in the reduction of modern product use. The idea was to “get back to nature” and live off the land.
The paradigm largely relied on people working together as a community and sharing tasks to make the commune work seamlessly. Although few, if any, contemporary communes exist on the level as they did in the 60′s, many of the concepts are being embraced in today’s time for a number of practical reasons.
Why Build and Eco-friendly Home
Everything man builds has a shelf life, including homes. Once …

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