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Green Solutions

Human activity has brought about grave negative effects on our global environment. And the worst impact by far is climate change which has lead to erratic weather patterns that threaten the survival of countless animal and plant species. Rising sea levels is another major problem caused by global warming melting the polar ice caps which has resulted in thousands of islands being submerged under the ocean. Mankind is destroying our precious planet and many individuals, organizations and governments, headed by the United Nations have called for the use and further development of available green solutions.
Green solutions encompass all procedures, methods, and practices employed by individuals and institutions to decrease or if possible completely eliminate from …

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Solar inverters improve the profitability of photovoltaic power plants

The Siemens Industry Automation Division is further expanding its product portfolio in the power plants segment by introducing the central inverters Sinvert PVS600, PVS1200, PVS1800 and PVS2400.
These four new models cover the 600 to 2400 kilowatt (kW) output range and enable operators of photovoltaic (PV) power plants to tune their inverters precisely to the capacity of the modules employed in the plant. In this way, the yield and efficiency of the entire PV plant can be optimized.
The planning process is supported by Sinvert Select, the cost-free Siemens software application, which is capable of calculating suitable combinations of inverters and PV modules. Sinvert PVS inverters have a peak efficiency of well over 98 per cent, making …

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Solar Electric System: The Frontier of Sustainable power

In the last 100 years, electricity provided the means of providing the chance for the greatest growth and improvement Within the lives of human beings. New technologies and inventions on different electrical systems were and are being made with dependence on the power of electricity. As the growth of the world’s economies increases and also is the exponential increase on the demand for electricity, which in our time have become a commodity we can’t live without. Fossil fuels like coal and oil provided us with the necessary resource to produce our own electricity with the using of generators in power Vegetation. Since the recognition of these fossil fuels as unsustainable and dangerous to both life …

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Vertical Axis Wind Turbines to generate power and electricity

With global warming and environmental pollution acquiring a serious dimension, the world’s inhabitants are waking up to the demands of engaging normal resources like the wind along with the sun for generation of power. Undoubtedly, it truly is a firm and good step which can be certain to reduce the carbon footprints from the earth and layer the globe having a green and clean blanket.
Wind turbines are age old things which are actually applied by males to extract energy from the wind. This energy can now be converted skillfully into usable power with the aid of specialized devices. Essentially the most favored gadget is the vertical axis wind turbine. As compared to horizontal wind turbines, …

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Researchers Develop Ultrahigh-Power Energy Storage Devices

A team of researchers from the U.S. and France report the development of a mirco-supercapacitor with remarkable properties. The paper was published in the premier scientific journal Nature Nanotechnology online on August 15.
These micro-supercapacitors have the potential to power nomad electronics, wireless sensor networks, biomedical implants, active radiofrequency identification (RFID) tags and embedded microsensors, among other devices.
Supercapacitors, also called electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs) or ultracapacitors, bridge the gap between batteries, which offer high energy densities but are slow, and “conventional” electrolytic capacitors, which are fast but have low energy densities.
The newly developed devices described in Nature Nanotechnology have powers per volume that are comparable to electrolytic capacitors, capacitances that are four orders of magnitude …

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