Ecological investments 2010 in Ukraine

On 28th of July 2010, official website of Ukrainian government presented to the public a resolution № 671, regulating this year’s budget on prevention of CO2 emissions and further development of international cooperation in relation to proactive mitigation of global climate change.

As reported by National Ecological Investments Agency representatives, funds provided by Japan for the purchase of Ukrainian quotas of CO2 emissions, will be used for employment of alternative and renewable energy resources, prevention of emission of greenhouse gases etc.

While funds received from Spain will be used for installment of alternative energy technologies for combined production of thermal and electrical power, recycling of the wastes of city dumpsters, sewerages, water purification plants etc.

4% of the total cost of the purchase of the quotas of CO2 emissions by the Ministry of the Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs of Spain are being used by governmental agency for administration, promotion, auditing and monitoring of ecological investment projects conducted in Ukraine.

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