Free Solar Installations

Free Solar Installations? Some people are jumping at the thought of a free solar installation. It may appear on the surface to be a great deal but with a little more due diligence there probably is a better option for putting solar panels on your building.

Free Solar Installations are usually done by a group of investors that are looking for a “host” for their investment. There are a few situations where this is a good option but it is almost never pitched as “free”.

Because the largest of the solar incentives is the federal tax credit, non-profits, municipalities, governments, and other non-taxable entities have a much higher investment cost and a longer pay back for their solar installation. In these situations investors may have to step in to help with the finances. However the investors only need to hold the ownership of the solar installation for 5 years. After this time they are permitted to sell the solar energy system to the non-taxable entity and usually want to work something like that out. Because of this “buy out” after a predetermined period of time the system is not pitched as a free solar installation.

Financially owning your own solar installation will put far more money in your pocket than opting for a free solar installation in which your property becomes the host of the solar energy system. The “free solar installations” usually only benefit you by reducing your electric bill. Because the investors are selling your Solar Renewable Energy Credits ( SREC ) you can’t even tell people you are solar powered.

This has happened here in Centre county on multiple occasions. Please spread the word so that before you or someone you know jump at a “Free solar installation” you learn all the available options.

If you don’t have any other options than to go for one of these “Free solar installations” then it’s still better than doing nothing at all as every solar panel that gets installed helps reduce the amount of energy that needs to be supplied by fossil fuels.

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