More Prepared Urges Americans to Prepare for Winter Storms and Cold

With winter just a few weeks away, emergency preparedness specialist More Prepared says it’s time to get ready for frigid temperatures and falling snow. The Farmer’s Almanac predicts heavy snowfall and cold temperatures for the Midwest, and cold to bitterly cold weather from the Mid Atlantic states to New England. Regardless of the forecast, all Americans should prepare themselves for the worst come January and February by taking a few precautionary measures now.

“A winter weather emergency can happen almost anywhere in the United States,” says More Prepared president Mina Arnao. “In cities that don’t normally experience severe winters, even a small amount of snow can cause power outages and bring traffic to a standstill. People need to be prepared to ride out a storm that could last for several days.”

Winterizing your home is a good place to start as it can not only keep you safe from winter storms, it can also reduce fuel bills. Furnaces should be inspected to ensure they are working properly, that ducts are clean and old filters have been replaced. Similarly, fireplace chimneys should be cleaned and rain gutters and downspouts cleared. It is also prudent to ensure that walls and attics are properly insulated and that weather-stripping and caulking is in good shape.
People living in areas where severe winter weather is likely should keep complete and up-to-date emergency kits in their homes, work places and vehicles. Each kit should include a three-day supply of food and water, a radio and flashlight (battery- or hand-powered), thermal blankets and a first-aid kit. Supplies for treating hypothermia are also a good idea. They include warm clothing, heavy socks, gloves and hats, “mega warmers” (for hands) and a heating pad.
More severe winter weather tips are available at the More Prepared website,

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