Green Solutions

Human activity has brought about grave negative effects on our global environment. And the worst impact by far is climate change which has lead to erratic weather patterns that threaten the survival of countless animal and plant species. Rising sea levels is another major problem caused by global warming melting the polar ice caps which has resulted in thousands of islands being submerged under the ocean. Mankind is destroying our precious planet and many individuals, organizations and governments, headed by the United Nations have called for the use and further development of available green solutions.
Green solutions encompass all procedures, methods, and practices employed by individuals and institutions to decrease or if possible completely eliminate from …

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Wastewater Treatment: Don’t Forget the Paperwork

The process of developing, designing, and constructing an on-site wastewater system involves a considerable amount of paperwork. Fortunately, your wastewater design firm will help you with that aspect throughout the process and may even be willing to assist with unrelated official documentation. Here are a few of the related services your on-site wastewater management design firm may offer:
1. Wastewater Permit Acquisition
Whether state, local, municipal, or national, your Austin, Texas water management engineering firm can help you ascertain and attain the appropriate permits you may need from the various permit authorities such as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and that you are in compliance with Texas Health and Safety codes. Because permit requirements differ …

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Does Green Roofing Help the Environment?

In some places like the Faroe Islands, or in Canada, Norway, Switzerland, and other states within the US, like Illinois and New York, an old-fashioned style of roofing is slowly gaining popularity again. This is due to its perceived environmental benefits especially by blunting the effects of global warming caused by the accumulation of greenhouse gases and excess heat into the atmosphere.
Green roofing derives its name from an old style of roofing which uses vegetation to insulate the roofs. While some would disagree to its effectiveness, studies show that green roofing significantly reduces temperatures in highly industrialized areas. In countries like Germany and USA, green roofing can also provide insulation from heat, thereby reducing the …

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MU grad student simulates 100 years of farming to measure agriculture’s impact on land and water quality

Estimating the long-term impact of agriculture on land is tricky when you don’t have much information about what a field was like before it was farmed. Some fields in Missouri started producing crops more than a century ago—long before anyone kept detailed records about the physical and chemical properties of the soil in a field.
Researchers can’t go back in time to revisit old fields in their pristine state, but a University of Missouri graduate student did perhaps the next best thing, using a detailed computer model to simulate, year-by-year, the effects of 100 years of farming on claypan soils.
This can help determine the impact of certain conservation practices on farmland’s crop yields and soil and …

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Scientists examine energy trends of communications equipment

Increasingly important problem for networks examined at Frontiers in Optics Meeting
A team of scientists at Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs have examined the energy consumption trends of communications equipment in use today and determined that gains in energy efficiency are not keeping pace with traffic growth. One consequence is that energy is going to become an increasingly important problem for communication networks.
In one unabated, business-as-usual scenario, the scientists estimate that power consumed per user could increase by seven-fold over the next 10 years. Based on these findings, Bell Labs has developed several technology evolution scenarios for the coming decade, which they will present at Frontiers in Optics (FiO) 2010/Laser Science XXVI — the 94th annual meeting of …

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