Going Green: Changing Your Electricity Provider to Green Power

Renewable power sources are increasing in popularity and changing to your electricity supplier to a green power source has never been easier. However, there are different forms and levels of green power, and you may have to choose between 100% green renewable energy and a mixture of this with normal electricity supplies.

Irrespective of your ethical approach to your power usage, price is likely going to be a factor and many believe that the price of electricity derived from totally renewable energy sources is liable to be expensive. Wrong! Examples of these sources are solar cells, tidal power, wind generators and even hydro-electricity, and these are certainly cheaper than nuclear power plants and can be less expensive than traditional fossil fuels such as oil or coal-powered elecytricity generators.

However, if you were able to source a company that enabled you to change your electricity supplier to a green power source, and offered you the option of a partial change or 100% renewable power, would you consider it? Of course you would – with certain provisos.

The majority of companies and individuals are generally satisfied with their existing gas and electricity providers; otherwise they would already have made the change. It would therefore take a pretty good offer to tease them away to an alternative. If the alternative was a source of power that was greener and renewable, then that would certainly be an incentive, although the problem is that in many cases people have no interest in whether their energy source can be sustained or not. All they are interested in is price.

Businesses and individuals tend to consider money rather than what are perceived to be altruistic motives, such as saving the planet and fossil fuels. As long as it does what it has to do then the least expensive will be most preferred, and there are few doubts that oil and coal provide inexpensive electricity reliably and easily. In fact, renewable energy sources can work out at around 30% cheaper than traditional fossil fuel sources, and shoiuld render them very attractive propositions to corporations, non-profit organizations and also to individual consumers.

In spite of the facts many are unaware of this, and the green industries have done a very poor job in educating people on the true cost situation. If consumers: business, individuals or even charities could be provided with a green power source saving them as much as 30% on their existing bills they would not hesitate to switch over.

You can do that today in fact! You can reduce your electricy charges by switching from your regular electricity provider to a renewable energy source known as ‘green power’ – but only with the right sustainable power provider. Another thing to keep in mind is that one day in not too distant future there will be no fossil fuels left and then what will happen? Your grandchildren suffering nuclear power stations springing up everywhere?

No, I am sure not. Search around for the best available alternative energy sources you can find and you will quickly establish that switching suppliers is free of charge, and not that only will your monthly power bill plummet but your grandchildren will be grateful to you.

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