How to Get Cleaner Energy with Wind Power Electricity

There are different sources of electricity. The most common being the fossil fuel-fired power generators while alternatives such as solar power electricity and wind power electricity are available as well. Different sources fit on different needs of the consumers. Also, each energy source has its own advantages and disadvantages that may determine its availability and feasibility in a given application.

Electric power from wind is an example of clean energy. When generating electricity out of wind, there is no harmful chemicals or gases emitted during the process. As a matter of fact, most environmentalists push for the implementation of more wind turbines to power communities and provide them with the basic need for electricity. Just imagine a world with clean sources of energy: it would be wind-powered, smokeless, odorless, and environment-friendly.

The basic operation of converting wind to electricity is the understanding of the generator itself. A generator is an electrical machine that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. There are a lot of articles in the internet that discusses in details on how it operates. As an electric generator, it needs a “prime mover� in order to operate and produce electricity. The prime mover is actually a mechanical force that rotates a certain part of the generator. There is actually a period in history when people are manually rotating the generator for power production. This of course is very impractical. We need other sources of mechanical force that will act as the prime mover of the generator. In the mid 1900’s, engineers began to design generators with wind as their prime movers. Later in 1970’s, the first practical wind-powered generator has been operated, and thus the birth of wind power electricity.

This power generation method is very ideal where there is a strong wind almost all the time of the day. The most common locations are beaches and coastal areas where there is sea breeze during daytime and land breeze during night time. With enough wind power, power generation could go as high as several kilowatts to megawatts, enough to provide power to a small to medium sized community. Moreover, islands where electricity from a generator located in the mainland can use wind power to provide its own power. Submarine power cables are very impractical and dangerous at the same time. So by using wind energy, the island can still have electricity. Archipelagoes will benefit this kind of electric power generation.

There is so much promise that wind energy offers. It answers both the problems of decreasing power supplies and the need for a clean energy source. For years, it remained a minority in providing electric power to communities, but I think now is the proper time we give wind energy the importance and attention for better electric power generation. With proper research and engineering, wind power electricity could be one major energy sources and help untie our dependence to fossil fuels for power generation. In the end, we will all benefit from a clean source of energy.
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