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Solar Electricity: An Alternative Energy Source

With increasing oil prices, the pollution wrought by the BP Oil Spill, we have to look for alternative energy sources that are renewable. With climate change causing polar ice caps to melt and severe weather conditions, moves must be made to make the world less reliant on fossil fuels such as oil and coal. Fossil Fuels took millions of years to form, but power plants and vehicles are siphoning these resources off with demand for electricity that continues to increase every year. Dwindling supply and rising demands are expected to increase its prices, while emissions from the use of fossil fuels will further pollute the atmosphere.
To reduce reliance on fossil fuels, alternative sources of energy …

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Kill Your Electric Bill With Wind Power

Outside of solar power, the next most prevalent alternative energy source is wind power. This technology is being embraced around the world is continuing to gain a lot of attention from the science world because of it being right in step with the “clean energy” movement. From large wind farms to wind power homes, from stand alone units to ones used merely as backups to solar energy systems, this technology is sweeping nations around the world.
Let’s start with a quick lesson on wind power itself. Wind energy is really a form of solar energy. Confused? Don’t be. As the sun’s rays hit the earth’s surface it is absorbed at different rates. For example, land temperature …

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Biomass – An Alternative Source of Domestic Energy

In the past century of human history, we have known, almost exclusively, fossil fuels to be our main source of energy. However, before the industrial revolution, mankind existed successfully with biomass as the sole provider of energy. History shows us that biomass is a viable energy source on a basic level, but a century ago, biomass was overtaken by coal, gas, and oil.
Biomass is generally viewed as something associated with the third world. Yet there is another side to biomass; there is now something of a resurgence going on. As fossil fuel prices increase, biomass promises to play a more active role as a utility fuel, a supplement to natural gas, and a motor vehicle …

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