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What are the advantages of biomass electricity?

Today we live in the world which is rapidly changing and moving fast. The speed at which we are affecting our ozone layer is very fast, as we can imagine how the weather conditions use to be 20 years back and now how the weather is changing. The glaciers are also melting at a fast rate and this is now creating many problems for the people. We must act fast and switch to environmental friendly products. Environmental friendly products do not harm the ozone layer and this is one of the main advantages of biomass energy. Biomass energy is the best alternative source for producing electricity, fuels and other in other form of industries.
Biomass is …

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Biomass – An Alternative Source of Domestic Energy

In the past century of human history, we have known, almost exclusively, fossil fuels to be our main source of energy. However, before the industrial revolution, mankind existed successfully with biomass as the sole provider of energy. History shows us that biomass is a viable energy source on a basic level, but a century ago, biomass was overtaken by coal, gas, and oil.
Biomass is generally viewed as something associated with the third world. Yet there is another side to biomass; there is now something of a resurgence going on. As fossil fuel prices increase, biomass promises to play a more active role as a utility fuel, a supplement to natural gas, and a motor vehicle …

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