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How to Get Cleaner Energy with Wind Power Electricity

There are different sources of electricity. The most common being the fossil fuel-fired power generators while alternatives such as solar power electricity and wind power electricity are available as well. Different sources fit on different needs of the consumers. Also, each energy source has its own advantages and disadvantages that may determine its availability and feasibility in a given application.
Electric power from wind is an example of clean energy. When generating electricity out of wind, there is no harmful chemicals or gases emitted during the process. As a matter of fact, most environmentalists push for the implementation of more wind turbines to power communities and provide them with the basic need for electricity. Just imagine …

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Student Researchers Transform Waste Plastic Into an Alternative Fuel

Student researchers at Northeastern University have designed an apparatus to convert plastic waste into clean energy without releasing harmful emissions.
Under the leadership of Yiannis Levendis, distinguished professor of mechanical and industrial engineering, a team of undergraduate and graduate engineering students developed a waste combustor, which breaks down non-biodegradable plastics to create an alternative source of fuel.
Their prototype was featured at the fifth annual MIT Energy Conference this past March. The team worked for nine months on the research, which, for the undergraduates, was their senior capstone project.
Self-sustainability is the key to the double-tank combustor design. Plastic waste is first processed in an upper tank through pyrolysis, which converts solid plastic into gas. Next, the gas …

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