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Will Hydrogen Ever Be Developed Into An Effective Fuel?

Hydrogen is another source of fuel that can be used to power a car and other types of motorized vehicles. This includes wheelchairs, boats, submarines, cars, buses, tractors, motorbikes, trains, rockets, and aircraft. These vehicles can run on hydrogen as they convert its chemical energy into mechanical energy. This is done by burning hydrogen in an internal combustion engine or by reacting hydrogen and oxygen in a fuel cell which can then be used to generate electric motors. This makes hydrogen a very attractive type of alternative fuel in present world.
However, hydrogen is not considered to be a source of energy as it is not one of the natural elements of the earth. Instead, it …

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Exploring The New Demand For Alternative Fuels

Remember when gas prices rose past $3 a gallon in many cities across the United States? Drivers clamored for alternative fuels so that the country wouldn’t be so reliant on foreign sources of oil. As gas prices have gone back down, the shouts for alternative fuels have quieted.
But that hardly means that the United States doesn’t need to invest its resources into developing green gas alternatives that can not only power our cars and trucks, but the machinery in our factories, too.
Fortunately, there are plenty of researchers and scientists today developing alternative fuels. There’s hope that that one day the United States will no longer have to rely on unstable outside governments to provide as …

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Types of Green Vehicles

Green vehicles refer to vehicles with low or no emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.
The different types of green vehicles are mostly ones that use alternative energy sources either wholly or partly instead of the fossil fuel. Alternative energy refers to non-petroleum products such as electricity, alcohol, biodiesel, hydrogen, liquefied natural gas and petroleum gas, liquids made from coal and compressed natural gas. There are electric vehicles that mostly use less fuel. They are considered to be more efficient in comparison to fuel-cell powered vehicles. However, fuel-cell powered vehicles are more popular since they consume less petrol making them cheaper to manage. They emit less carbon dioxide in to the air as compared to …

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