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Solar Electric System: The Frontier of Sustainable power

In the last 100 years, electricity provided the means of providing the chance for the greatest growth and improvement Within the lives of human beings. New technologies and inventions on different electrical systems were and are being made with dependence on the power of electricity. As the growth of the world’s economies increases and also is the exponential increase on the demand for electricity, which in our time have become a commodity we can’t live without. Fossil fuels like coal and oil provided us with the necessary resource to produce our own electricity with the using of generators in power Vegetation. Since the recognition of these fossil fuels as unsustainable and dangerous to both life …

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Tecnalia participates in creation of glass that optimizes use of solar energy

The Construction Unit at Tecnalia (in conjunction with the University of Cantabria) has taken part in the Sunglass project, the aim of which is to develop a new building product. This involves a glass that augments the efficiency of photovoltaic solar systems, in such a manner that it boosts having more renewable energy in the construction sector.
The term “photovoltaic” literally means “light-electricity”. This technology arose in the 1950s and currently has great possibilities of making contributions in the transition towards sustainable development in the building sector. To this end, the challenge for the Sunglass project is to boost the use of photovoltaic solar energy by means of increasing the performance of the currently existing solar …

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Solar power manufacturing makes good business sense for governments

Canadian and provincial governments could spend $2.4 billion to build a large scale solar photovoltaic manufacturing plant and then give it away for free and still earn a profit in the long run, according to a financial analysis conducted by the Queen’s University Applied Sustainability Research Group in Kingston, Canada.
Queen’s University Mechanical Engineering Professor Joshua Pearce conducted the study – to be published in the August edition of the academic journal Energy Policy – to find out if it makes economic sense for governments to support solar cell manufacturing in Canada. He was surprised to discover the answer is an overwhelming yes even in extreme situations and feels governments should be aggressively supporting this industry …

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