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Climate-friendly, reliable, affordable: 100% renewable electricity supply by 2050

„Germany can be supplied with 100% climate-friendly electricity from renewable sources by 2050” declared the Chair of the German Advisory Council on the Environment (SRU), Prof Martin Faulstich, today in the Environment Committee of the German Bundestag where the Council presented its scenarios for a renewable electricity supply in Germany. “This is the time for the German Federal Government to set the course for the transition of the energy system”, Prof Faulstich added.
The energy expert of the SRU, Prof Olav Hohmeyer, emphasised: “The transition towards a renewable electricity system does not require either an extension of the operating life of nuclear power plants or the construction of new coal power plants.” The “bridge” towards renewable …

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Solar Technology Pros & Cons

Sun power is one of the best and most effective renewable energy sources available. The problem most novice environmental warriors find is that the price of professionally installed solar power systems is way beyond their budget and it could take well over 10 years to see a return on their investment. Never fear, there are alternatives. The most cost-effective way to take advantage of a solar system is the construction of solar panels on your own. What you need is instructions to build a solar panel!
Too difficult? If you are scared it would be difficult, it is just not true. It is not difficult to build solar panels with the proper instructions. Easy enough for …

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