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Solar Electricity: An Alternative Energy Source

With increasing oil prices, the pollution wrought by the BP Oil Spill, we have to look for alternative energy sources that are renewable. With climate change causing polar ice caps to melt and severe weather conditions, moves must be made to make the world less reliant on fossil fuels such as oil and coal. Fossil Fuels took millions of years to form, but power plants and vehicles are siphoning these resources off with demand for electricity that continues to increase every year. Dwindling supply and rising demands are expected to increase its prices, while emissions from the use of fossil fuels will further pollute the atmosphere.
To reduce reliance on fossil fuels, alternative sources of energy …

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Solar Energy Advantages For Future Power Production

There are many fantastic advantages of using solar energy to fuel our world’s energy wishes. Currently the industrialized world depends on crude oil and coal to fuel our automobiles, houses, factories and even generators we use to make power themselves. While the technology is still being developed, there are lots of benefits to using solar energy.
For a start, solar electricity is clean. There’s no carbon footprint left when using the sun for power generation. Solar power does not make a contribution to acid rain, smog or global temperature rises. It is completely clean and’green,’ which is the way of the future.
Another great advantage to using the sun for power is the abundance of daylight. It’s …

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