Wastewater Treatment: Don’t Forget the Paperwork

The process of developing, designing, and constructing an on-site wastewater system involves a considerable amount of paperwork. Fortunately, your wastewater design firm will help you with that aspect throughout the process and may even be willing to assist with unrelated official documentation. Here are a few of the related services your on-site wastewater management design firm may offer:

1. Wastewater Permit Acquisition

Whether state, local, municipal, or national, your Austin, Texas water management engineering firm can help you ascertain and attain the appropriate permits you may need from the various permit authorities such as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and that you are in compliance with Texas Health and Safety codes. Because permit requirements differ based on property type and geographic location, having someone who fully understands the regulations as related to your area and field ensures things are properly done in a timely fashion so as not to cause any time delays or additional expenses.

2. Wastewater Permit Renewals

Your wastewater design firm should be able to assist in the regular renewal of permits they originally assisted with.

3. Bid Documents

During the preparatory phase for an on-site wastewater plant, the on-site sewage facility (OSSF) design company is able to assist with the preparation and administration of bid documents.

4. Public Bid Documents

If you are preparing a public bid for an OSSF, the treatment plan and all relative details need to be outlined and included in the bid document. An experienced OSSF design firm can ascertain and compile all the relative specifications to create a comprehensive bid document which accurately reflects your project.

5. Inspections

Before an on-site wastewater treatment option can be designed or built, a land feasibility study must be conducted. The geographical location will be inspected and evaluated based on the regulations that apply to the area. Your Texas wastewater design company can provide these preliminary inspections.

6. Site Design & Development

In the site design and development phase of the wastewater management process, the wastewater management team develops the plan for the proposed site and establishes that the site is suitable for wastewater effluent.

For all your Austin, Texas wastewater permitting needs, consult with WWD Engineering. WWD Engineering has been designing on-site sewage plants for properties across Texas since 1983; let them address your wastewater documentation requirements.

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